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AIPMA's AMTEC Institute of Excellence Celebrates First-Ever Convocation Ceremony 2024!

AIPMA’s AMTEC Centre of Excellence recently held its first convocation ceremony, celebrating a successful event with enthusiastic crowds and proud families. The event marked a major milestone in AIPMA's AMTEC’s mission to upskill students for the rapidly growing Plastics industry.

AIPMA's AMTEC, founded to bridge skill gaps, aims to enrich lives through dedicated CSR initiatives. Chairman Mr. Arvind D. Mehta praised the achievement, stating, "We are sending skilled professionals into India’s Plastics industry. This success is a testament to our collective efforts.”

Centre Head Ajit Gupte highlighted the institute’s future goals, announcing, "AMTEC aims to upskill over 10,000 more students by 2030, enhancing India’s global competitiveness.”

So far, AIPMA's AMTEC has placed over 70 students in well-paying jobs, positively impacting 100 families and upskilling 745 students. Through the COVESTRO-AIPMA CSR project, over 100 financially disadvantaged students have been trained in top courses, securing employment with esteemed companies.


Faculty Speaks

"Respected AMTEC Management and staff, it was fabulous and gave me goosebumps to see the talented trainees you are shaping, the humanitarian work you are doing for underprivileged students, and conducting various courses at minimal charges. Unbelievable."
- Principal S. B. Mane, Jai Bhagwan, ITI Kalwa DIST, Thane
"The event was very well organized and attended by plastic industry dignitaries."
- John N. Rodrigues, Consultant at Don Bosco Industrial Training Institute


In The Press

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