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Scientific Process Validation for cycle time reduction


To learn the scientific statistical techniques for establishing cycle time during new mold validation

Learning Outcome
  1. Traditional validation process and disadvantages
  2. Design of Experiments (DOE) for process validation
Course Outline
  1. Importance of cycle time optimization for cost control
  2. Traditional validation process and limitations
  3. Cost impact due to higher cycle time
  4. Critical process parameters that affect quality and productivity
  5. Design of Experiments (DOE) technique for process validation
  6. ZCase Study to compare cycle time before and after
  7. Technical Session - Data science for process control and analysis (Industry 4.0)
Who Should Attend?
  • R&D, Product Development, Quality, Manufacturing and Engineering
  • HODs and Managers from Stores & SCM
  • Mold Designers, Process Engineers, Line Supervisors, Production In charge, Tool Room In charge

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