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Module-1: Plastics in Packaging - Materials Enhancing Marketability.

  • Concepts, Functions and Components and Classification of Packaging
  • Introduction to Plastics materials for packaging and its identification method.
  • Innovative & Futuristic Plastics materials in packaging application.
  • Concepts of Package Design & its application.
  • Structures & Properties of Polymeric materials used in Packaging.
  • Rheology and Processibility of Plastic Materials.
  • Selection of Specific Polymer for a given Process (such as Injection Molding, BlowMolding, Blow film, Cast film, Extrusion Process etc).
  • Concepts of Barrier Properties of Plastics materials &its importance in Packaging.
  • Critical role of Master batch& Additives in Polymer and packaging structures (Color -Slip -ant blocker-PPA , UV stabilizer, Flame retardant etc.).
  • Cost Optimization-process, manpower, energy, poor quality and machine break down.
  • Plastics Packaging for domestic and export market.
  • Qualitative products lead to better price realization.
  • Concept of Bio-degradable/ Oxy biodegradable, Compostable & Biopolymers –process and application.
  • Testing and quality evaluation of Plastics materials for Packaging Materials.
  • In addition, 4 sessions on Demonstration through Video Classes and Examination

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