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Case Study on Die Mould measurement | CMM | Line scan | Z axis cover - Large plastic part
28th October 2021

When it comes to reverse engineering of precision parts, or parts such as Dies and Moulds, the accuracy of the equipment performing the activity also matters. In this webinar we are going to discuss on 3 RE techniques which form the basis of any shop floor. We will see how a CMM can be used effectively along with other technologies in conjunction, to perform RE. We will also learn how a CMM can be used to communicate with the machine tools for corrections and better Mould Manufacturing, in the Die & Mould Industry.


  1. Reverse engineering on CMM Tactile & Optical
  2. Tool room -EDM Machines Spark gap evaluation software
  3. How CMM's work-offsets to Machining centres - CNC milling, Wire-cut, ED

Cost: Rs.1500/-

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