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Lean Mfg System for plastic Processing industry


To learn the lean methodology, tools & techniques for optimizing manufacturing cost.

Learning Outcome
  1. Diagnosing the baseline KPIs that control conversion cost.
  2. KPIs governing manufacturing cost
  3. Principles of Lean manufacturing systems
  4. SSA’s RMAOR approach for systematic Lean factory design.
  5. Prepare a roadmap for factory design to improve throughput
  6. Time and motion study techniques
Course Outline
  1. Traditional manufacturing system and its disadvantages.
  2. Background of Lean principles – History & evolution
  3. Data collection and analysis of existing system and baselining.
  4. Time & Motion study techniques to collect data.
  5. How to identify product family?
  6. How to create Flow manufacturing?
  7. Plant Layout design for Lean flow line
  8. Visual management systems
  9. Material handling system principles.
  10. Kanban principles & WIP buffer design
  11. Case study from plastic processing industry
  12. Technical session - Manufacturing technology equipments that will aid lean manufacturing
Who Should Attend?
  • CxOs, Management team, Deparmental heads from quality, manufacturing - Key decision makers from the following functions: Operations, Manufacturing, Quality assurance, Maintenance dept
  • Plant Heads & Managers
  • Business Owners

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