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Module-2: Plastics In Packaging: Environmental Aspects & Circular Economy

  • Concepts of Circular Economy with emphasis on Plastics Packaging
  • Concept of Sustainability & its importance in Packaging.
  • Plastics Packaging & its impact on environment.
  • Importance of Packaging design for Sustainable approach.
  • Polymer from Sustainable Sources: Bio-degradable/Compostable Polymer/Oxy-degradable polymer.
  • Merit and Demerits of Bio-polymer, Price point and Quality consistency.
  • Manufacturing Process of sustainable plastics materials.
  • Plastics Packaging waste-Indian Vs Global Scenario.
  • Recyclability & Life Cycle Analysis approach.
  • Collection and sorting system of Plastics packaging waste in India.
  • Recycling of post-consumer flexible & rigid packaging waste or Challenges & Dynamic Developments in Recycling PCR waste.
  • The New Plastic economy in waste management.
  • Post ConsumerRecyclates (PCR) and Regulatory Compliance.
  • In addition, 4 sessions on Demonstration through Video Classes and Examination.

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